Excel Training Files

Basic Excel Files:

Advanced Excel Files:

Advanced Excel: Set up and Manage a Budget:

In this Advanced Budget Project, we’ll set up and manage a budget using some the more powerful and advanced tools in Excel. The purpose of this project is two-fold: to teach people about some exciting tools in Excel, and to get people to start using budgets so that they can save money and get rich.

The project is broken into four parts: the Budget, the Ledger, the Pivot Table, and the Report. The Excel file used for all four parts is: Advanced Budget.xlsx. If you have trouble with any part, the file includes completed worksheets to help you out.

Part A: Formatting the Budget

In this part, we will format a budget so that it can be used later with a Ledger, a Pivot Table, and a Budget Report. Click here for complete instructions.

Instructions for the other parts of the Advanced Budget Project will appear here shortly.

Advanced Excel: Set up a Database for a Charity:

In this project, we’ll set up and manage a small database for a charity. We will keep track of donations and generate thank you letters easily. This database can be used for any typ of member organization. Two very powerful Excel tools are used in this project: VLOOKUP and Macros. I’ve included extra files to help you with these topics.

Introduction to Excel: Creating and Using a Simple Budget:

Because budgets are so important, we’ll use the simpler tools of Excel to get you set up and managing a budget as quickly as possible. We’ll start with the Draft version of the spreadsheet and turn it into a file that looks like the Final version, which you can use as a working budget. (If you want a budget spreadsheet with more power, try the Advanced Budget above.)