Microsoft Access Class

AC00-Access Form skew.pngWelcome to the official website for the Microsoft Access Class offered at Norwalk Community College. This website is hosted on my company website: or

AC00-Access textbookReference Book:

MOS 2016 Study Guide for Microsoft Access (MOS Study Guide), available at Amazon, $19.83 ($13.43 for the Kindle edition).

This is a comprehensive guide to using Access, which also prepares you for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam. For more information on being certified, click here.

Session 1 Files (Tables and Templates):

Session 1 Data Files:

Session 2 Files (Relational Databases and Queries):

Session 2 Data Files:

Session 3 Files (Forms):

Session 3 Data Files:

Session 4 Files (Reports):

Session 5 Files (Many-to-Many Databases)