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Over time, all PCs tend to slow down. But don't despair. There are three simple ways to get more performance from your PC:

Get more RAM

Computer memory modules have never been cheaper. Installing more memory is a quick and simple process. Call us for more details.

Remove unnecessary programs

The more programs that are installed on a PC, the slower it tends to be. It is a good idea to remove any programs that haven't been used in over a year. Also, Norton Utilities does a good job of speeding up a bloated Windows Registry.

Check your antivirus programs

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An antivirus program with an expired subscription offers little if any protection. It may also be robbing your system of performance. Some new antivirus programs such as Norton Internet Security are much more efficient than others. They protect your PC without slowing it down significantly.


The programs on a PC or Mac are not cheap, but the data is irreplaceable. Don't risk losing precious photographs and documents. A number of large external hard drives are ready to offer quick and inexpensive back ups. In fact, the best approach is to back up everything TWICE! Call for details.


Apple Mountain Lion

You bet! Windows PCs are still the standard by a long shot, but many individuals and even some small businesses may benefit by switching to a Macintosh. The upfront costs are higher, but total costs may be lower. The programs are easier to use - and the new "Mountain Lion" operating system promises to be even easier still. And Macs work great with the amazingly popular iPad and iPhone. Not sure how to make the jump? We'll tell you how.


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