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Learn how to use:

  • Microsoft Word: Paragraph spacing, Save time with Styles, Mail Merge, Macros
  • Excel: Keyboard shortcuts, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP functions, Formatted tables, Have fun with Functions, Database tools, Macros and VBA
  • PowerPoint: Master Slides, Animation, Easy Handouts, Hyperlinks
  • Outlook: iPhone integration
  • Access database: Import data from Excel, summarize data with Queries and Reports, use Macros and Visual Basic
  • WordPress: Create websites quickly
  • Windows: Antivirus security, Backup strategies, Data recovery, WiFi networks
  • Apple Macintosh: Migration from Windows, WiFi setup
  • Apple iPhone & iPad: Integration with Macs and PCs

Any level:

  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Expert


  • Business office
  • Home

We can also fix your computer problems:

  • WiFi networks
  • Set up a new PC
  • Add a printer

Tech Help Today was started in 2002 by Rich Malloy to train and support residential and small-business computer users in and around Greenwich, CT, USA. Rich teaches all of the major programs and can almost any computer problem you might have: PCs or Macs, desktops or portable, hardware or software.

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